Stray Animal

Kitten with the severe eye infection

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The kitten was suffering from severe eye infections. It’s not uncommon for stray cats to go long periods of time without being treated for the disease. Without proper vaccinations, these animals become more susceptible to contracting random diseases. Sadly, the lack of a caretaker means that they could be wandering around while suffering from any number of ailments, with no way of getting help. It was clear that the kittens… Read More »Kitten with the severe eye infection

Stray Dog Jaundice

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Rescue Case No : SNDF0149 Date : 12th March, 2018 Place/Area : Bhuleshwar, Mumbai Animal : Stray Dog Jaundice With us : 02 Days. Case Details : We got a case from Bhuleshwar. We were informed that the dog was just sleeping and not active. So we reached the spot and noticed the dog was very very weak. So we took him with us to the vet. On examining him,… Read More »Stray Dog Jaundice


Stray Cat Fight – Rescue Case No: SNDF0429

Place/Area : Tardeo, Mumbai. Animal : Stray cat fight With us : 32 days Living on the streets is not easy especially for animals. Such was a case where two cats got into fight and injured itself severely. Proper treatment was given to her for 32 days and on completely healing, she was dropped back from where we initially picked her up.

Stray Cat Imputation

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Rescue Case No : SNDF0115 Date : 15th October 2017 Place/Area : Kamathipura, Mumbai Animal : Stray Cat Imputation With us : 17 Days. Case Details : This Cat met with an unfortunate accident and got injured. After receiving the information regarding this case we went there and gave her necessary treatment . However, her right leg had to be amputated. Once recovered and stable, she was left back to… Read More »Stray Cat Imputation

Stray Dog Tumour on Neck – Rescue Case No: SNDF0107

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Rescue Case No: SNDF0107 Date: 07th October 2017 Place/Area: Nalasopara, Mumbai Animal : Stray Dog Tumour on neck With us : 20 Days. Case Details : We received a call From a kind person informing us regarding a dog that had TUMOUR on his neck due to which he couldn’t eat any thing. So our team members reached there, took the Dog and went to the vet. To save the… Read More »Stray Dog Tumour on Neck – Rescue Case No: SNDF0107

Stray Dog Cut on Stomach – Rescue Case No: SNDF0103

Place/Area : Pydhonie, Mumbai Animal : Stray Dog Cut on Stomach With us : 12 Days. Case Details : One kind woman from our vicinity informed us about a small puppy who had a painful wound on his belly. So, it took us just 2mins to reach to the puppy as he was in our vicinity only. On arriving , we found him lying down on a foothpath. Looking at… Read More »Stray Dog Cut on Stomach – Rescue Case No: SNDF0103