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Sherry & Diya Foundation Organized Event At Nariman Point After Completion Of 3 Years.

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We wish to inform you about the event that we organized at Nariman Point, Mumbai on completion of 3 years of our Sherry & Diya Foundation was successful. It was all because of the team members unity and assistance. People out there were really interested and showed thorough compassion towards animals as well. Through this event, we got to know that people are also very supportive towards animals and are… Read More »Sherry & Diya Foundation Organized Event At Nariman Point After Completion Of 3 Years.

Stray Dog with a broken leg

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Rescue Case No : SNDF0122 Date : 03rd November 2017 Place/Area : Parel, Mumbai Animal : Stray Dog with broken leg With us : 18 Days. Case Details : Complex Fractures in Dog: Treating fractured Leg, Dogs who get hit by cars can have multiple fractures. Such was this case where a dog was hit by a car and his leg severely injured. When we took him to the vet,… Read More »Stray Dog with a broken leg

Stray Cat Imputation

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Rescue Case No : SNDF0115 Date : 15th October 2017 Place/Area : Kamathipura, Mumbai Animal : Stray Cat Imputation With us : 17 Days. Case Details : This Cat met with an unfortunate accident and got injured. After receiving the information regarding this case we went there and gave her necessary treatment . However, her right leg had to be amputated. Once recovered and stable, she was left back to… Read More »Stray Cat Imputation

Stray Dog Tumour on Neck – Rescue Case No: SNDF0107

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Rescue Case No: SNDF0107 Date: 07th October 2017 Place/Area: Nalasopara, Mumbai Animal : Stray Dog Tumour on neck With us : 20 Days. Case Details : We received a call From a kind person informing us regarding a dog that had TUMOUR on his neck due to which he couldn’t eat any thing. So our team members reached there, took the Dog and went to the vet. To save the… Read More »Stray Dog Tumour on Neck – Rescue Case No: SNDF0107

Rally for Awareness on Animal Cruelty

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“We must speak for those who can’t speak for themselves”.  Sherry and Diya Foundation took to the streets of Nariman Point to spread awareness and fight against the cruelty of Animals where there was huge public support who joined us. In many instances we had seen that animals were abused everyday and every other day, news about cruelty on animals were becoming common. We, therefore decided to act on it… Read More »Rally for Awareness on Animal Cruelty