Kitten with the severe eye infection

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The kitten was suffering from severe eye infections. It’s not uncommon for stray cats to go long periods of time without being treated for the disease. Without proper vaccinations, these animals become more susceptible to contracting random diseases.

Sadly, the lack of a caretaker means that they could be wandering around while suffering from any number of ailments, with no way of getting help. It was clear that the kittens needed help to treat their severe eye infection.

Please Pray For these innocent souls and consider donating to Sherry and Diya Foundation so we can remain to provide stray dogs and cats in need with all the medical care they require.

Your donation will go to providing for the stray dogs and cats we save. Large or small we put every donation to use advancing the lives of the dogs in our care.

Those who wish to make a donation through online banking method, you may proceed your donation to the account below

Sherry and Diya Foundation (Within India in Indian Rupees)
Account Number: 319802010822307
IFSC Code : UBIN0531987
Bank Name: Union Bank of India
Branch: Zaveri Bazar, Mumbai – 400003.

Sherry and Diya Foundation
Toll-Free Number
1800 123 1137

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