SAVING STRAY ANIMALS : Because every pets deserves a peaceful, safe & healthy life.

We rely on help from the community to help local animals.


about us.

I am Sherry. I am a dog and i belong to Pomeranian Breed. I was born on 10.3.2004 Unfortunately, i was stolen from my family and caged in crawford market’s pet shop when i was just a month old. Many other dogs like me were caged too. But, one fine day, due to God’s grace and some of my past good deeds, Mr. Rakesh Kothari came there with his son, and took me out from that place. I was being taken to his house as he planned to adopt me.

I am Diya, princess of my father – Rakesh Kothari. I was born on 29th July, 2004. As the saying goes, “No one in this world can love a girl more than his father”, my dad has always loved me and given me everything in life. I have been grown up in a very lavish lifestyle just because of my dad’s love. He has always done everything so that he can keep me happy and smiling. The greatest gift that he has ever given me is “Sherry.”

I am really very very grateful to have sherry in my life without whom I seriously can’t imagine what life would have been. She has taught me the true definition of love because the way she loves me and our family is just beyond our imagination. The way she waits for me at the door, the way she gets mad and super excited when i come back home is just amazing. I have always loved her more than myself and she has also loved me in the same way, in the most unconditional way anyone could ever love anyone.


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There are so many pet lovers. People need to understand the sensitivity and importance of stray animals. Stray animals are cute and adorable.

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People have the wrong mindsets of stray animals. Even if you don't feed the stray animals, they are the one's who will take care of your locality.


Sherry and Diya Foundation is always in need of additional volunteers. Even if you can only spare a hour a week, we can use your help.


Mission & Goal

Our goal is to improve the welfare of stray dogs as well as other animals through Sherry and Diya Foundation. A vital part of our work includes catering to stray dogs that have met with accidents and require medical assistance. Our aim is also to help local communities dispel their fear of being attacked by a dog or catching a disease. Often fear can lead people to persecute animals. We also aim at administering greater tolerance and understanding towards dogs and encourage people to adopt them as pets. Rehoming is an important part of the project: the more dogs we can rehome, the fewer strays there will be on the streets! The dogs themselves are the project’s best ambassadors. They reward their new owners with loyalty and affection, bringing comfort and joy into their lives.


Medical Care

Our Team is capable of handling OPD & critical cases. The young team has nearly 8 years of experience in handling all casualties & emergencies at any given hour of the day.


Feeding Programs

Sherry and Diya Foundation is the first organisation in South Mumbai to start feeding programs and currently does 500+ feeds per day in South Mumbai.



750 plus sterilizations have been successfully done in last 3 years to date.



100+ of stray & abandoned dogs & cats wait in anticipation of loving homes. Many have been rescued from suffering on the streets or as survivors of cruelty. 


Recent Rescue Stories

Our rescue stories & critical cases

Rally for Awareness on Animal Cruelty

“We must speak for those who can’t speak for themselves”.

Sherry and Diya Foundation took to the streets of Nariman Point to spread awareness and fight against the cruelty of Animals where there was huge public support who joined us. In many instances, we had seen that animals were abused every day and every other day, news about cruelty on animals were becoming common. We, therefore, decided to act on it and also tried to convince people to act for innocent animals as well.

Mahatma Gandhi correctly said – “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”.

Kitten with the severe eye infection
The kitten was suffering from severe eye infections. It’s not uncommon for stray cats to go long periods of time without being treated for the disease. Without proper vaccinations, these animals become more susceptible…
Stray Dog Jaundice
Rescue Case No : SNDF0149 Date : 12th March, 2018 Place/Area : Bhuleshwar, Mumbai Animal : Stray Dog Jaundice With us : 02 Days. Case Details : We got a case from Bhuleshwar. We…
Relief for Animals in Summer
Summer is intense in cities already. The temperature in the cities have risen in the past few years. When the situation in cities is such, imagine the situation in Rajasthan and other rural areas!!…

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